SAC LLC Services

In order to be a well-rounded and whole student athlete it is important that SAC provides meaningful experiences.  SAC offers a variety of services catering to student athlete mental, physical, and overall life success including individual therapy, group workshops and tele-therapy (online).

Individual Therapy

The elements of a well-rounded student athlete include but are not limited to academic drive, exceptional physical strength and psychological resilience. But what  happens when an element is not performing at a level you want or need?  In this case, it is important to reach out for support!  When you are ready, please contact me to schedule an appointment!

    • Dealing with Anger/Aggression
    • Dealing with Depression/Grief
    • Performance Anxiety

Tele-Therapy (online)

In today’s current climate accessing mental health can be critical to mental well-being. The traditional methods of therapy have evolved and tele-therapy has been inserted into our world.  This move is extremely beneficial in the fact that tele-therapy increases access to mental health workers who fit your needs!  When you are ready, please contact me to schedule an appointment!

Group Workshops

One of the biggest challenges in making a team a cohesive unit is in merging multiple personalities, whether that be coaches, players and or parents, to name a few.  As student athletes become older sport can become more stressful due to personal life, performance challenges/injuries, conflicts between players, lack of playing time, winning and or losing.  It is important to have some positive strategies to address potential challenges.  Group workshops focus on the betterment of the team as a whole and include the following…

When you are ready, please contact me to discuss group workshop opportunities!

SAC Consulting

Consulting Services provides informed and insightful strategic governance and management consulting support to school athletic departments, coaches, boards of trustees, and other top level administrators at educational institutions. My services include…

    • Crisis intervention
    • Institutional assessments
    • Program and curriculum creation and assessment

When you are ready, please contact me to discuss consulting opportunities!

Client Focus

  • Children – Preteens/Tweens (9-13)
  • Adolescents/Teenagers (14-18)
  • Young Adults (19-23)